Greek of the Week~ Lawrence Ciulla


“I’ve spent the last two and a half years a part of this fraternity always doing something in a different role. I’m beyond excited to see the heights it will go next. We have a spectacular service and fellowship program and that’s something to be proud of.”

Greek of the Week – Gina Baglieri

Gina GotW.jpeg“Alpha Phi Omega has been and continues to be such a wonderful experience for me. I have found a second family here at Binghamton University. It’s amazing to have the opportunity to give back to your school and community with people that truly want to make a difference. I don’t know where I would be without this organization!”

Greek of the Week – Eliana Ben-Sorek

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“I joined APO my Freshman year, and I can’t imagine Binghamton without it! It’s great to be able to volunteer on campus and in the community, but it is even better to get to help out along side an incredible group of people. Through this organization I have been given the opportunity to grow as a person.”

Greek of the Week – Dan Sidoti

“Alpha Phi Omega or APO, three letters that many would find no meaning in, but to those who know this organization they can be life changing. This organization allows people of all different majors and cultures to come together and do something they love, community service. I have met so many great people through APO, not only at Binghamton University, but many other colleges in the area. What is unique about this organization is the diversity of its members. I have learned so many things about other people’s cultures and majors that I never would have learned without APO, all while giving back to the community that we live in. When people ask me why I joined APO instead of an organization dedicated to my major I tell them it’s because APO is different, it gets you out of your comfort zone and shows you new perspectives that can only come from such a diverse and welcoming group of people.”Dan Greek of the Week.jpeg

Greek of the Week – Izabella Sek

“APO is family. They are there for you, whenever you need them. I’ve been in APO for two years and it’s changed my life so much. It’s given me perspective and a greater understanding of what it means to service the community. I’ve always been involved with community service, but APO takes it to a whole new level in that you become involved with the community as well as foster a greater relationship with your fellow brothers. With that being said, my favorite service event was Boo at the Zoo because it’s just so much fun and filled with laughs. My favorite fellowship has always been apple picking these past two years, but I also really enjoyed the yoga fellowship this semester as everyone found their zen and became unified.”

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Greek of the Week – Jenn Woolf

“Joining APO was a defining moment in my collegiate career. I have always loved doing community service so when I heard about a community service fraternity I was very interested. I have made some of my best friends through APO, and it has given the opportunity to become involved in other organizations on campus that I would not have been aware of.”

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Greek of the Week – Emily Olander

“I decided to join Alpha Phi Omega at the beginning of my sophomore year. I originally didn’t think Greek life was for me but then I heard about APO.  I did a lot of community service in high school and liked the idea of doing more in college with a group of friends who enjoy it as well so I decided to give it a shot.

I am so glad that I joined Alpha Phi Omega. I have made some of my best friends through APO and have many great memories. I enjoy doing all the different types of service events we have, such as playing with kids in the Children’s Home or helping clean cat shelters.  It is great to be able to hang out with my friends while helping the community that gives so much to us students.”

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Greek of the Week – Janny Xu

“I first heard about APO through a friend I met in 2014 who was a brother at another chapter in UPenn. Originally I didn’t know much about APO until Sharon, who was already a brother at the time, introduced me to this amazing fraternity. One of my favorite service event in APO was when we went to BOO at the Zoo for Halloween to volunteer as ghost and monsters. Even though it was cold outside, we were able look passed the weather and still have a great time doing the service. APO has given me the opportunity to meet many talented and passionate people from different backgrounds. I really love diversity in APO that makes it very welcoming and not exclusive. Though our chapter is not very big, but it is something I really like about APO because I can get to know all my brothers better. To be a part of a fraternity that builds on the three cardinal principles, LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP and SERVICE is something I am grateful for and I am proud to call myself a Brother of this fraternity.”

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Greek of the Week – Katrina Hua

“Hey people! My name is Katrina Hua and I’m a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. Something I always tell people, is that joining Alpha Phi Omega was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The number of rewarding experiences I’ve gained since deciding to pledge a year ago has been outstanding. Everyday I wake up proud to be a member of this fraternity and proud that I can call myself a brother of such an amazing organization. The countless hours that brothers dedicate to making someone else’s life a little easier always helps me remember to look for the good in people even when it’s hard. It’s kind of difficult to explain how much joining an organization can change your life, but when you see how passionate brothers in the chapter are, and how much work they put into everything that they do just to even make a small difference you can see how a organization can change your life for the better. Through Alpha Phi Omega, not only have I found countless leadership opportunities, rewarding service, and fulfilling service, I have also found a place to call my home and a more meaningful way to orient my life.”

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Greek of the Week – Chelsea Doyle

“Hello! I’m Chelsea Doyle, a sophomore Human Development major and Education minor. Alpha Phi Omega has certainly changed my life for the better. Since joining Alpha Phi Omega, my happiness and self esteem has grown tremendously. I have met my absolute best friends in APO and I know that I have a support system that would be with me through anything. Service is something I’m very passionate about. I did community service in high school, but I was never this dedicated to it. Through APO, I have found a love in making people smile through the wonderful things this organization does.

My favorite service event is Soup and Sandwich Saturday. We go to a local church and prepare and serve free meals to community members. The last time I went, a man walked up to us and said “This is my first time coming here, and what you do for us restores my faith in humanity.” Needless to say, I got teary eyed and was so moved. Knowing some of those people you serve won’t eat again that day and seeing their smiles makes being in APO so rewarding.”

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