Greek of The Week~Nick Libasci

Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Studies
Hometown: Merrick. N.Y.
“My year in APO has been truly life changing. I have developed my skills as a leader, performed countless hours of service and made some of my best friends! Alpha Phi Omega has definitely allowed me to grow as a person both in and outside. Our brothers have so many opportunities to bring their creative ideas to the table in a way that will benefit the organization, and, the community as a whole.”nick

Greek of the Week~Lauren Holt

“I joined APO to connect with other people who are as dedicated to community service as I am, and because when I met those in the Brotherhood I immediately fell in love with the organization.  My favorite events have been the conferences we attend, I have completed many leadership courses and participated in many open discussions about inclusion and broadening my leadership opportunities.”
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Burnt Hills, NY.


Greek of the Week~Evan Spector

Congratulations to our Greek of the Week, Evan Spector!
Evan was nominated for going above and beyond in his first Fellowship as Fellowship Chair this semester!
Year: Junior
Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
“One really nice thing about APO is the freedom you as a Brother have to be creative. You can plan events that range from hanging out watching movies to big service projects that make a difference. Brothers in clubs can incorporate their club events into what we do, gaining support for both organizations. APO is what you make of it, so the idea that individuals’ interpretations bring unique events is exciting.”collage-2016-11-13-20_19_55

Greek of the Week~Emily Favata

Congratulations to our Greek of the Week Emily Favata!
Emily was nominated for putting on Alpha Phi Omega’s first Insomnia Cookies fundraiser, it was a hit! Way to Go!
“Without APO, my college experience would have been completely different. APO has given me countless opportunities. I’ve met so many new people and I have learned so much. Without APO, I would not have met my best friends, been as involved in the Binghamton University and surrounding community, or had the opportunity to become a leader on campus. I am so thankful and happy to part of this organization!”
Year: Juniorcollage-2016-10-30-18_20_25
Major: Integrative Neuroscience
Hometown: Florham Park, NJ

Greek of The Week~Stephanie Weinstein

Our Greek of the Week is…Stephanie Weinstein!
“APO has been one of the greatest parts of Binghamton University for me. Through APO I have made my closest friends, people who I not only love to spend time with but who share the same core values as myself. Every week APO gives me countless opportunities to do community service and improve my leadership skills. I joined APO looking for a way to give back and volunteer but instead I found a group of people who instantly became my family.”
Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Psychology and Education
Hometown: Scarsdale NY

Greek of the Week~Elyssa Diamond

Congratulations to our Greek of the Week, Elyssa Diamond!
“As cheesy as it sounds, APO truly is about brotherhood. It’s about the warm feeling I am filled with when I walk into a Theta Kappa brotherhood setting, knowing that I am surrounded by my friends, family, and pledge brothers, and it’s about the fact that I am a part of such an extensive community of which I will never truly understand the depths. The opportunity to attend conferences is both a wonderful way to bond with brothers in Theta Kappa and a way to get a taste of what APO is like around the country. Even when my time at Binghamton comes to close, I know that wherever I go there will be brothers around me, and I am forever thankful for that.”
Year: Junior
Majors: English/Human Development
Hometown: Scarsdale, New York

Greek of the Week~Katrina Hua

Congratulations to our Greek of the Week Katrina Hua!
Katrina was nominated for  was nominated for being a part of our wonderful service team that brought us a successful Miles for Matias!
“APO has been the greatest addition to my college experience. Everything about Alpha Phi Omega speaks to the values I try to live by. The countless opportunities to connect with new people, leadership, and being able to help out in the local community is unlike any other. I was looking for a community of people I could do service with and instead found my family.”
Year: Junior, Spring 2018
Major: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Manhattan NY
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Greek of the Week~Chelsea Doyle

Year: Senior

Major: Human Development

Minor: Education

Hometown: Baldwinsville, NY

Choosing to join APO has truly changed my life, as cheesy as that sounds. I have a new found confidence and I am able to recognize the impact that I’m making in the community. I have been able to think selflessly and throw myself completely into doing community service. I have made lifelong friends and I will cherish my time in Theta Kappa forever. Miles for Matias has been one of the proudest moments of my life. Seeing the work that Katrina and I put into it and what we were able to accomplish fills me with joy and the fact that we raised almost $2,800 for Pediatric MS research is one example of making my mark in the world.


Greek of the Week~Jenn Woolf

Congratulations to our Greek of the Week Jennifer Woolf!
Jenn was nominated for exemplifying our service pillar throughout this week at the various locations we volunteered at, keep up the awesome work!
“To me, APO is an opportunity to do community service with a great group of friends. During my freshman year I found that while I love doing community service, it was very difficult to find service opportunities as an individual and they were much less enjoyable than doing them in a group as I had done in high school. When a girl I’ve known since elementary school told me about APO it seemed like the perfect organization to join. Service in APO is a great opportunity to help where help is needed while having fun with friends. There have been many service events where I’ve been paired up with a brother I did not know very well beforehand yet became great friends with afterwards. Shoveling compost with someone for a couple of hours can be the start of a great friendship.”

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Greek Of The Week~Emily Olander


“I joined Alpha Phi Omega because I wanted to do community service while making some new friends. In the end, I got much more than that. Throughout my time in APO, I have made friends I consider family, gained leadership skills, helped the community that has given me so much and become a more confident individual.

I have had so many great experiences in Alpha Phi Omega. One of my favorite places to do community service with APO is at the Children’s Home. I am very passionate about children and enjoy getting a chance to make their day a little more fun.  I am grateful for all the opportunities that APO has given me and look forward to see all the experience that are still to come.”