Greek of the Week~Jenn Woolf

Congratulations to our Greek of the Week Jennifer Woolf!
Jenn was nominated for exemplifying our service pillar throughout this week at the various locations we volunteered at, keep up the awesome work!
“To me, APO is an opportunity to do community service with a great group of friends. During my freshman year I found that while I love doing community service, it was very difficult to find service opportunities as an individual and they were much less enjoyable than doing them in a group as I had done in high school. When a girl I’ve known since elementary school told me about APO it seemed like the perfect organization to join. Service in APO is a great opportunity to help where help is needed while having fun with friends. There have been many service events where I’ve been paired up with a brother I did not know very well beforehand yet became great friends with afterwards. Shoveling compost with someone for a couple of hours can be the start of a great friendship.”

Displaying Collage 2016-09-25 17_45_46.jpg

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