Greek of the Week – Dan Sidoti

“Alpha Phi Omega or APO, three letters that many would find no meaning in, but to those who know this organization they can be life changing. This organization allows people of all different majors and cultures to come together and do something they love, community service. I have met so many great people through APO, not only at Binghamton University, but many other colleges in the area. What is unique about this organization is the diversity of its members. I have learned so many things about other people’s cultures and majors that I never would have learned without APO, all while giving back to the community that we live in. When people ask me why I joined APO instead of an organization dedicated to my major I tell them it’s because APO is different, it gets you out of your comfort zone and shows you new perspectives that can only come from such a diverse and welcoming group of people.”Dan Greek of the Week.jpeg

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