Greek of the Week – Janny Xu

“I first heard about APO through a friend I met in 2014 who was a brother at another chapter in UPenn. Originally I didn’t know much about APO until Sharon, who was already a brother at the time, introduced me to this amazing fraternity. One of my favorite service event in APO was when we went to BOO at the Zoo for Halloween to volunteer as ghost and monsters. Even though it was cold outside, we were able look passed the weather and still have a great time doing the service. APO has given me the opportunity to meet many talented and passionate people from different backgrounds. I really love diversity in APO that makes it very welcoming and not exclusive. Though our chapter is not very big, but it is something I really like about APO because I can get to know all my brothers better. To be a part of a fraternity that builds on the three cardinal principles, LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP and SERVICE is something I am grateful for and I am proud to call myself a Brother of this fraternity.”

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