Greek of the Week – Katrina Hua

“Hey people! My name is Katrina Hua and I’m a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. Something I always tell people, is that joining Alpha Phi Omega was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The number of rewarding experiences I’ve gained since deciding to pledge a year ago has been outstanding. Everyday I wake up proud to be a member of this fraternity and proud that I can call myself a brother of such an amazing organization. The countless hours that brothers dedicate to making someone else’s life a little easier always helps me remember to look for the good in people even when it’s hard. It’s kind of difficult to explain how much joining an organization can change your life, but when you see how passionate brothers in the chapter are, and how much work they put into everything that they do just to even make a small difference you can see how a organization can change your life for the better. Through Alpha Phi Omega, not only have I found countless leadership opportunities, rewarding service, and fulfilling service, I have also found a place to call my home and a more meaningful way to orient my life.”

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