Greek of the Week – Diandra Hassan


“My time in APO has been fun, rewarding and amazing. I come from Indonesia and we have a term called “gotong royong,” which means doing community work together, so I love the idea of doing service together with your close friends and making a difference in the community. This is why I was attracted to APO, mainly because of its principle (leadership, friendship, and service) and what the fraternity has been doing at Binghamton. I rushed APO initially just to check it out and two years later, I have been elected as the VP of Service, something I could never imagine doing! I never considered myself “a leader” (I personally consider myself a nerdy scientist) in any way before, but now I have taken leadership positions through APO and have met some of my closest friends at Binghamton along the way.
I am glad that I joined APO and I have to say that I would not have the same amazing college experience without it!”

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